Create first Test case in Katalon


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1/ Download here

2/ Run “katalon.exe” in root directory

3/ File –> New project

4/ Create your first test case

We will do a Test case sample as below:

  • Open browser
  • Go to the URL “”
  • Search a song with name “Listen”
  • Play that song

4-1/ Add new a Test case

4-2/ Add test steps

4-3/ Add Test object

Test object is element of website that you are wanting do some actions on it.

Example: button, text input, check box, etc.

There’re a lot of ways to get web elements. We will use Xpath to get in this sample.

We will have 3 test object in this sample:

btn_Search: //button[@id=’search-icon-legacy’]

txt_SearchBox: //input[@id=’search’]

label_NameOfSong: //a[@title=’Beyoncé – Listen [Official First Video]’]


Notes: if you copy Xpath above, please re-type quotation mark in your code.

4-4/ Select test object for test steps

4-5/ Run test case




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