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1/ What is Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory Testing is a type of testing where test planning, test analysis, test design and test execution are all done at the same time.

This testing is also the exploring of system by encouraging real time and practical thinking of a tester.

Example: my project is an order-app of restaurant. At first, the menu has only single items (cola, soup, etc). Then client want to add some combo (contain over 2 single item) and I need to verify this in 3 days.

Actually I can NOT do step-by-step of testing process (analysis, design more test cases then test execution). So Exploratory Testing is the best choice.

First of all, I need to define a simple plan:

1/ Deadline: 3 days

2/ What to test: create/edit an order

Ensure that waiter can create order with single item and combo.

3/ How it can be tested:

  • Run existing test-scripts for creating/editing new order with choosing single item.
  • Run manual-testing for combo.

Secondly base on my experiences, I see that combo is almost same with a single item but you have to select more sub-item. So test cases can be added more:

  • Check sub-items of each combo in the order screen.
  • Price of combo is cheaper than total of single items.
  • Display sub-items of combo in order detail.
  • Can select combo together single item.

Finally, run test-script while executes new test cases.  

Report test result to team and client during testing.

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What is Exploratory Testing in Software Testing (A Complete Guide)

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