Set up Appium on Windows


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1/ Install JDK

2/ Set up java environment path

3/ In this tutorial I use Eclipse as development tool but we need to install android studio because it contains android SDK.

Download and easy to install

4/ Set up android environment path

5/ Install Appium Desktop:

  • Download appium for window at
  • Run file Appium-windows.exe and process installation.
  • Open appium app.
  • Start Server

6/ Download Selenium WebDriver jar with java language

Maybe you wonder that why we need to download Selenium WebDriver jar for using Appium?

In simple term, Appium uses Selenium’s protocols that reacts to many specific mobile. It’s same with selenium to interact with browsers. And we will use common methods like click(), sendkeys(), etc

7/ Download Appium Jave Client jar at


Select Java package and download

8/ Download and install Eclipse

9/ Create new project in Eclipse:

9-1/ Open Eclipse and create a maven project.

Example: I created a project with name “demo”

9-2/ Right click at project –> “Build path” –> Configure Build Path


9-3/ Add Selenium WebDriver jar files (downloaded at step 6).


9-3/ Add Appium jar files (downloaded at step 7).


Once you go here, I assume that all jar files had been added and they contain inside “Referenced Libraries“.

Well we completed necessary things. You can switch next post to run a appium test script for android device.

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